Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year, New Kits, New Stuff!!!

With a New Year about to begin, it's meaning is so much more than just a new year! It gives us the opportunity to cherish another round of seasons, with Spring being the next one, another set of holidays, another chance to grow ourselves! I always look at the New Years as a time to start with a clean slate! A way to begin new adventures! And of course a time to set some scrappers resolutions - things I personally want to accomplish! So, if you want to accomplish some scrapbook pages, head on over to the Logan Village mall and pick up a few of the new kits just put out - or take advantage of some recent markdowns!

In spot 12, I put the two kits posted below, I also added a few heritage themed kits as well. Each kit comes with all the supplies and color instructions to complete the pages. Merry & Bright includes the title as well. Each kit is only $10.00.

KT-225 Merry and Bright

KT-225 Winter Fun


Winner of the "everyday life series"

Thanks to all who entered to win the 2ND edition in my "everyday life series".
The winner is Ellen Bosman!! Oh Yeah-Ellen!!! Its all about you girl!! Uh huh!!
Keep checking on Our Creative Outlet. We have lots of giveaways and big ideas for 2009!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

More 90% Complete Pages Coming Soon to Rack #2!

Did you ask for and receive some winter Inspiration this Christmas?
If you're in the mood to scrap, check out the winter layouts that will be in the store the week of January 29th. These are one of a kind pages, only 1 copy available of each design. The pages are glittery and brighter than these pictures reflect, so come in and check them out!
These pages are premade and ready for your pictures.
They will be either displayed or in Rack #2 for you to take home.
If they are displayed you can go ahead and take it out of the holder.
(click on an image to see a close-up)

Item #BP-SF (above) $10.00
glitter on stripes and bear

Item # BP-SB $10.00
glitter on penguin, snowflakes and stripes

Item # BP-CHWH $14.00
glitter on foam snowflakes

This page holds one 5x7 picture plus journaling. Small photos could be placed down the side under the journaling block.

This page holds two 4x6 photos and three 3x3's down at the bottom.
You could use one of the 3x3 blocks for more journaling as well.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another give away!!

I am a firm believer that creativity takes precedent over the vacuum, cooking and doing the "LAUNDRY". Lucky for me I have a family that embraces my creativity and doesn't get to worked up over little messes. That is as long as we have a few good boxes of cereal and everyone has clean underwear! When all the underwear is dirty ain't nobody smiling at Momma sitting at my scrapbook desk expressing my creativity!

Soooo in the spirit of dirty laundry (but clean underwear), a messy house and a brand new box of Apple Jacks I would like to give away one of my kits titled "laundry". It is the 2ND edition in my "everyday life series". See a picture of it by clicking here. If you email me at ourcreativeoutlet@gmail.com I will randomly pick a winner by next Monday.
Good Luck,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Top Ten Layout

Here's a new premade layout for sale at Logan Village Mall. This layout has a full page just waiting for special journaling from you! Use the top ten page as a list of things you love about someone, special places you've gotten to visit, or perhaps ten things you want to remember such as a child's favorite toys or stories. Use alphabet stickers or a journaling pen to add the details. There's plenty of room for several photos and an extra block for a title or other journaling. There are three premade layouts plus the sample available for purchase on Monday 12/15.


Don't forget - all projects featured on our blog are also available for purchase by sending us an email. Just list the item name, number and price. We will hold items behind the counter at Logan Village Mall for you until they sell out. If you prefer to have projects mailed to you, we can also combine shipping even if you order projects from multiple designers. Happy scrapping.

Jolene Johnston

Saturday, December 13, 2008

All Occasion Layout

This layout and my "Let it Snow" layout are now available at Logan Village Mall. This layout would be perfect for any occasion. The colors are fun and versatile and there is space for multiple photos and journaling. The colors are much more vibrant than this photo shows, but it was cloudy this morning. The color of the flowers are actually a sparkly burgundy and brown. Left click on the photo for a larger view.

The layout sample is in the shelfing unit, not on the wall, so be sure to look for it there.

I also put two copies of Jan/Feb Paper Trends and Scrapbook Trend's Home for the Holidays for sale in the booth.

Item: CBSEIPoppy $12

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pooh and Friends Layout

Item # CK-71 $16.00 Pooh and Friends
This 2 page layout is $16.00. There is only one available. You can remove the white templete from the page and use to cut out your picture. Then glue your picture down.

Mary Jackson

Train Layout

Item #IMA-109 $15.00 Train 2 page layout

This Train layout is now $15.00. It is reduced from $20.00. The layout is completed all you have to do is add pictures. There are 3 layouts available, one being the display.

Mary Jackson

Rose Floral Layout

Item #IMA-108 is now only $15.00

It has been reduced from $20.00. This is a completed page, all you have to do is add pictures. There are 3 layouts available. One is the display.

Mary Jackson

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

# 2 in the "Everyday Life Series"

When I was a little girl my Great Grandma Finney had a wringer washer. To get the water out of the clothes we had to send them through this roller contraption. It was crazy-cool and I always wanted to help. I can still hear her say "watch your fingers... If you get em caught in the rollers they will be flat as a pancake." Ouch! When the laundry was clean we would push the washer back outside on to her back porch then go hang our clothes on the line to dry. I wish I had a picture of that old machine and the laundry blowing in the wind.

When my kids grow up and have children I want them to be able to look back and see how our everyday life really was. Take a picture of your dirty laundry over flowing from the baskets. The clean folded piles of clothes with your child's favorite shirt on top. Your washer/dryer while they are running and lit up. What about the soap and softener you use. What is high tech now surely won't be in 20 years.
After some requests I have added a 2ND page to this series.
Pieces are pre-cut and titles are included. This kit sells for $12.00
Item description: SP-LAUNDRY $12.00

Monday, December 8, 2008

Let It Snow

It did snow a bit this weekend. Did you get any photos? This pre-made 2 page layout (which is fully assembled --- all you need to do is add photos and a title) will be perfect for them. I didn't include a title so you can add your own with letter stickers, Thickers, or a title cut from your die cutting machine. (How many of you have one of these and hardly use it?) Some suggestions for a title are: Snow Fun, Snow Much Fun, Snow Cute, Snow Play, Let It Snow, Baby It's Cold, Snow Ball Fight. There are two kits available plus the sample kit. I should have these up in the booth by the end of the week.

Celeste Brodnik

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mickey Mouse 2 page layout

Sorry to take so long to get the Mickey page done. I have had a hard time getting creative since I left Scrapbook Corner. I now have my Expression and was able to finish the layout. I hope to have it in the store by Friday afternoon (Dec 5th). I have been in the store twice this week and had to straighten the rack both times. I also marked down 2 of my layouts. Keep on creating.
Mary Jackson

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tis the Season to be Scrapping!

Or at least stocking up on some goodies, and let Our Creative Outlet make it easy for you! Several premade pages (just add photos), scrapbook page kits, holiday cards and decor, and so much more fill the wall at the Logan Village Mall. First time in, just ask where the spot is!

I was just in today for the first time to put up some of my things, and I am thrilled with the selection of scrapbooking layouts and other stuff! The layouts I put up today are Home for the Holidays, Super Star and First Day of School. These layouts are $10.00 and include directions and all the supplies to create the two page layout (actually the cutting is done for you, all you need to do is piece together and add your own photos and titles). I even added a few kits in spot 12 of some $5.00 page kits for Halloween, Fall and even a girly layout. Enjoy and Happy December!

~Kristy Taylor~